Open Floor Workshops around New Zealand

Dive deeper into Open Floor Movement Practice and find a workshop near you.

Workshops are tailored to beginners as well as experienced dancers.

Contact the workshop organisers for more information.

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Wellington Region

Dance and Write

Let movement free your body and words dance on the page in this fusion of creative writing and movement.

18 May & 2 November
2 x Day Workshops

Wellington High School

Price: $100 for each workshop

Nelson & Golden Bay

Deep Listening

Silent Open Floor Movement and Restorative Yoga Retreat.

In ‘Deep Listening’ we will surrender to the movement that flows inside ourselves. We will listen to what is alive in us on a physical, emotional and mental level and surrender to the dance of the soul.

16-19 May 2019
10-1 daily Open Floor Movement practice
Daily Restorative Yoga
Hatha Yoga
Guided Meditation
7-8 Daily Yoga Nidra (deep relaxation)
Daily chanting, Kirtan (singing mantras to music) and Fire Ceremony (Havan) and Chanting (healing sound vibration)
More information

Anahata Yoga Retreat – NZ
727 Bird Rd

Price: $625
(Price includes Shared Accommodation, all meals and the full Retreat Programme)


Sybille Feint
with a team of skilled facilitators

For bookings go to:
(+64) 021 040 2261

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