Tim Stephenson

I first really began to move my body using 5Rhythms® in 1997, I was thirty seven. They shifted me. I woke up, to myself, to my emotions, to my life. I’d been a bodyworker for six years, an accountant for many more. I needed change, movement, stimulation and challenge.

Ten years later, dedicated to the practice and still evolving, I trained as a teacher.

Since then I’ve taught ongoing groups for the over sixties. Held regular weekly classes, and developed and led numerous residential workshops incorporating Meditation. I’ve taught in London, Brighton, New York, Melbourne and Bali.

In June 2011 I began a year of traveling, with my partner, offering Dance and Movement Meditation where and when I could. Now we are in the process of developing a small centre in Bali to offer this supportive creative and catalytic work.

In 2013 I became a Founding Member of Open Floor International and am intensely excited at the development of this practice and what we are offering around the globe.

I look forward to meeting and moving with you somewhere, sometime.

With love Tim

Tim Stephenson

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Workshops & Retreats

October 22-27, 2018
Ground Floor Lab
w/Geordie Jahner Ph.D.
& Liat Lev-Sokal

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Dec 7-9, 2018
Movement & Stillness:
Resting in Being
Open Floor Retreat
w/Geordie Jahner, Ph.D.
Mana Retreat Centre,
Coromandel, NZ

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Mar 1-3, 2019
Soul Food:
Dancing our Wild Hungers
Open Floor Weekend
w/Geordie Jahner, Ph.D.
Perth, AU

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