Lisa Corston
Coromandel, New Zealand
Phone Number
(+64) 021 175 4741
Open Floor Teacher Level
Qualified Teacher


Specific dates below
Mana Retreat Centre,
608 Manaia Road, Manaia, Coromandel.
& Citizens Hall
455 Kapanga Rd, Coromandel. (Pippa Le Lievre will be teaching the classes at the Citizens Hall)

Public Class $18

COVID UPDATE: LEVEL 2, YES CLASSES ARE ON!! RSVP ESSENTIAL, 20 dance spaces available, TXT 021 175 4741 with the class date you wish to attend and wait for confirmation before arriving at class.


Mana Retreat Centre,

9 Nov - Mana Retreat (Lisa)
16 Nov - Mana Retreat (Pippa)
23 Nov - Mana Retreat (Pippa)
30 Nov - Mana Retreat (Pippa)
7 Dec - Mana Retreat (Lisa)
14 Dec - Mana Retreat (Pippa)

FRIDAY 31 Dec - Mana Retreat - New Years Celebration (Lisa)

As an Open Floor Teacher I am responsible for upholding the current Covid Level 2 Rules in our dance space, therefore adjustments have been made so that we can keep our dance floor open. We want to create safe space for everyone, to dance, especially those at higher risk (due to age, health or past medical conditions). Let's all do our bit to support the wellness of our selves and our dance community.

1. RSVP is ESSENTIAL - 20 DANCING SPOTS are available at Mana Retreat. You must book your place AND have confirmation from us before turning up to class.
2. Wear a mask into the the building/Octagon and as you leave. You may choose to continue wearing your mask for dancing, it is advisable however not essential.
3. 2m spacing while dancing
4. Refrain from hugging in class. Although many people are now happy to hug, in order to support people who are not, please keep our hugs outside, off the dance floor. This way no-one is under any pressure, has cause for worry, or in a position to 'forget' to avoid hugging.
5. Sanitize or wash hands (20sec) on the way in and the way out.
6. Cough and sneeze etiquette.
7. Sign the Contact Tracing Register.
These guidelines will change as necessary as the weeks unfold.

*The music starts 15mins early. Come early if you're new, or if you'd like to enjoy a longer warmup.

With love
My Dance and Art practices are breath to me. Enlivening and enriching, they provide wild exciting sustenance for my experience of being alive.

I love pushing and stretching the boundaries of who I am, expanding my movement vocabulary as I articulate and express myself and inner world with more clarity. Through this dance practice I feel more at home within my own skin, a stronger sense of steadiness as I meet life's constantly changing terrain, and I find myself smiling so much more, both outwardly and inwardly.

I love the extraordinary friendships that have been born from connections on the dance floor and through the wider dance community, through these connections has come a nurturing sense of belonging.

I moved to the stunning Coromandel Town in 1999, arriving into such a richly diverse and creative community, I felt as if I had arrived home. Within the first year I also felt a sense of homecoming when I began my Art studies with TLC in Wellington and then two months later landed on the Mana Retreat octagon dance floor in a 5Rhythms dance class with Geordie Jahner. I feel immensely honoured and hold deep gratitude for Geordie’s guiding strength, love and presence as I have made my journey from being the incredibly shy woman in that first dance class to now stepping up as a teacher of Open Floor.

From within these precious life-turning moments, a deep personal creative practice has emerged, dance and art, two practices that have grown and blossomed together and are now intrinsically entwined within me.

Being immersed in the art-making process feeds me. I love providing my mind with a juicy challenging creative idea to delve into. I LOVE exploring the depth of the dance curriculum through movement, paint, installations and altars and I get such a huge kick out of the rigour of deep creative moving and thinking.

I love the invitation to move and include whatever is present in any given moment on the Open Floor. This means every gesture, each and every form of movement, is just right, exactly as it is, there is simply no wrong way of being and moving. The open floor offers full acceptance that every body moves with uniqueness, every dance is different and new, just as each and every moment we are alive is full of fresh potential.
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