Kaia Hawkins
Kāpiti Coast, Wellington.
Phone Number
Open Floor Teacher Level
Qualified Teacher
Tuesday Night Move and Include
March - April Raumati South Scout den, 45 Tiromoana Rd.
May 5 onwards @ St Peters Hall, in the Village, Paekākāriki
Public, drop in classes all welcome over 13yrs

Friday Morning Move and Include
6 March - 30 April @ 2020 Memorial Hall, Beach Front, Paekākāriki
May 8 onwards @ St Peters Hall, in the village, Paekakariki.
Public, drop in classes - all welcomed over 13yrs

Full Moon Ecstatic Kindness.
Monthy dances see personal website for dates
All welcome.
All classes are 15-20$

Sacred Sunday - Ongoing groups.
See personal website for more details
Autumn Equinox Noho/ sleep overnight - Womxn only
21-22 March.
Exploring with fibre weaving and movement what threads we want to weave to keep us warm this winter. Spaces limited, min 15 hours dance experience with me. $120 -$180

Te kore, Te Po 1-3rd May Weekend Wananga.
Into winter we go, using clay and movement to sculpt ourselves our stories. Open to all dancers, new and seasoned. Non-residential. $150 -200 depending on clay prices

Spring Equinox noho 19-20 Sept - Womxn only
Coming from the dark of winter into the light, what wants has been seeding and wants to grow. Charcoal, pastel and movement. Spaces limited, min 15 hours dance experience with me. $120-180

Te kanikani o te Taiao 31-1Nov Weekend Wananga
The dance of our natural world, what is potent ALIVE, relating to our selves, our muse, our elemental natures.
Threads of Visual arts, movement and ritual. Open to all dancers.
$150 -200

kaiakindness@gmail.com to confirm your space and for more information.
Scholarship spaces are available, please apply at above email.

Workshop Flyer
Workshop Flyer
Kaia is an ARTist, a mother, a dj, a soundweaver, a storyteller and a facilitator of this absolutely amazing embodiment practice called Open Floor. Kaias passion is for indigenizing her dancefloors, bringing the felt sense of being here in Aotearoa, whether you were born here, or were called here. She is neurodiverse weaves all parts of her into her classes and workshop.
School of Life, of travel and of love, Massage Therapist, Art maker, Creator, Community Builder, Toi Houkura - Maori Art and Design >>> Currently studying with TWOA a full emersion Te Reo year long!!!
Professional Memberships
What I love about Open Floor
For me personally, I love the fact that I can bring all of me into my class, that my creative, my love for phat beats, my edge, my raw, my compassionate and weave a class or a workshop in such a way that is totally 100% me, and 100% Open Floor. The container is malleable, and that works for me. These resources are essential to living your best life, and you get to try them on, dancing!!! to great music surrounded by fucken amazing humans!!! its the best.
I'm still working on this, but at the moment...I'm feeling into something around the lines of >>> Bringing resources to humans so they can live their best life, to create a safe and brave space to practice being messy, wild, tame and tender<<<
“I stumbled upon Kaia’s dance floor at a time my life was unraveling. I found a safe space where I could be at once alive and electrified as well as completely undone. Kaia has a rare ability to hold a dance community with great strength without being at all imposing, a deft touch that is both masterful and compelling. She weaves the deep resources of Open Floor dance with the skills of an experienced DJ; lighting up what’s alive and needs to move with killer sound scapes. Kaia’s dance floor is much more than a movement space, it’s a sublimely curated score to go out and live your best damn life to!”
- Matt Lamason (2 years deep)

It you want to be more intune with all aspects of yourself you should dance with Kaia.
- Nick Caulfield

'Kaia guides Aotearoa's freshest organic dance with respect and aroha. Always authentic and enlivening."
Sent with love
Mark G

Amazing! Accessible and fun even for unco non-dancers like myself!

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