Jan Jeans
Christchurch South Island NZ

Open Floor Teacher Level
Qualified Teacher
Fortnightly Sunday mornings 10-12 at Evolve Dance Studios.(98 Carlyle St, Sydenham)
Next classes June 6th and 20th.
For full details check out Open Floor Christchurch.
Class Flyer
Class Flyer
I am a Therapy in Motion Facilitator as well as a qualified and registered counsellor, arts therapist and ACC provider. I incorporate listening to the wisdom of the body into all the work I do with people.
Creative arts and conscious dance have enhanced my life, helped me through some challenging times and deepened my experience of life. I have danced my way through loss, despair and inertia. I have used art to shine a light on the shadows within.

I believe that you don’t have to be an artist or dancer to express something that is almost impossible (and often painful) to put into words, you just have to have a go. I have my many years of experience working therapeutically with people and a huge range of resources available to draw upon. More recently I have trained in Open Floor movement practice and offer Therapy in Motion to people who want to blend and integrate a body (bottom up) approach with a mind (top down) approach, using the wisdom of their own physical experience in the therapeutic encounter.

I have built an eclectic mix of skills and incorporate the creative into whatever work I do. I have extensive experience working with sexual abuse, trauma, anxiety, and self harm, with families, adolescents, children and groups. I am a registered ACC provider.

I have a private practice at my own studio in Lyttelton. I facilitate dance classes and workshops in Open Floor movement practice. I run art and dance workshops in Christchurch exploring common themes of being alive and embracing your humanity.

I offer individual sessions; group work; and supervision for counsellors.
DipHum&IntPsychotherapy. MA Arts Therapy, Cert Supervision.
Professional Memberships
What I love about Open Floor
Open Floor is a movement practice that has evolved over many years out of a rich tapestry of conscious dance practices through out the world. It's founding members are all skilled and wise elders in the field of embodied movement and have developed a robust framework to explore the mystery of the body- mind -heart connection that can enrich our life, offering us self knowledge, connection and transformation. It's more than a dance practice, it's a way of getting to know yourself with grace and gravitas.
To enable people to tap into the rich wisdom of the body and their unconscious through art and dance so they can live a fuller more expansive life.
Gidday Jan, the evening has stayed with me since, thanks to your wonderful touch in making the playlist and facilitating. It worked well for me that it was a spacious, sparsely prompted session; others have been great that have included more suggestion too, just nice to have different flavours. In my experience of different things, it's a nice sign of a self-assured facilitator to vary their approach.
And I especially appreciated how long the lie-down with stillness and meditative space was! Yum, and it took me to an insightful place, due to the time allowed. ~ Rory

Jan, I just wanted to say a personal ‘thank you’ for what you gave us at the weekend.
I found the movement workshop profound in its simplicity, moving (in several senses!), deeply provocative in terms of my own thinking. Way outside my normal comfort zone, I would have thought, but actually deeply comfortable in its safety while also deeply challenging from that basis of safety. I’m still thinking (feeling?) it, and not just in my knees. Especially how it experientially enlivened – and deepened -- for me some difficult ‘Gestalt’ issues about boundaries... ~ Daniel

Hi Jan, I really enjoyed the embody group experience. It allowed me enough time dancing to start to settle in and feel the benefits of this work. I love it!!! Thank you. ~ Kate

Tending to your inner fire', the Open Floor workshop beautifully led by Sybille and Jan had the effect of a reset button on me. Our bodies know the answer and the dance certainly revealed many insights during the weekend. I feel energised, centred, and with a fresh set of resources to take me ahead, towards my life goals. Both Sybille and Jan nurture a safe space for each and one of the participants to explore our inner selves, share with and learn from each other. Highly recommended. ~ Babu

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