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Ongoing Therapy-in-Motion Group on
Embodying Emotional Intelligence
Three series of four 3 hour sessions throughout 2020 :
March/April Fortnightly on Thursdays 6:30pm - 9:30pm
June/July Fortnightly on Saturdays 2pm - 5pm
September/October Fortnightly on Thursdays 6:30pm - 9:30pm
Venue: Blockhousebay Boatclub - Auckland

Participants need to commit to at least four sessions.

Check out flyers or FB event for details:

Class Flyer
Class Flyer
3 – 6 April 2020
Riverside Community

Dancing on the edge – Connexion
Sunday, 5 April

As humans we are wired for relationship. We all long for connection, and haven't always learnt the skills to move comfortable in and out, or maintain a sense of connectedness. Intimacy with another can take us to our most vulnerable places - we may instinctively withdraw, shut down, turn away or leave ourselves as we are confronted with the closeness of another person.

We all dance on the edge of connecting with others, friends, partners, colleagues, lovers, or strangers, more or less consciously on a daily base – these include our most rewarding, as well as most painful experiences. We learn to love, and to live with loss as we move towards and away from each other. Sometimes we make a conscious choice to leave, and at other times we may be left feeling hurt, rejected or abandoned.

This Therapy-in-Motion based workshop offers an opportunity to explore dancing on the edge of what it means to stay present in relationship, with yourself and another, while listening to your own embodied responses. In a playful way we get to consciously move with the parts of us that want to either disappear, or take ownership/control.

As we get an embodied sense of dancing with our edges, we can learn to make more conscious choices, to stay present, or return to presence with more fluidity, flexibility and ease. These are moments, where our brain is being rewired towards new possibilities and choices in our relationships with each other, and in life. We are practicing, as well as deepening our understanding of embodied emotional intelligence.

For more information on this event:
My background is in working psychotherapeutically with people in any kind of physical or emotional pain, especially with a background of sexual abuse or other trauma. During my own process of recovery from Trauma, I have discovered that the body can not be left out in the healing process and Conscious Dance has become an essential part of my journey of self-discovery. Consequently, I have become a passionate advocate of integrating body and movement into my work as a Psychotherapist. Therapy in Motion is a therapeutic movement-based healing method which translates issues and experiences into embodied language. Combining talking and movement can increase the depth and effectiveness of therapeutic interventions. Simultaneously, it offers creative resources helpful in daily life. Movement sessions and workshops are available one-on-one and for groups. I offer one-on-one sessions for people whom are interested to: extend your repertoire of embodied resources in daily life, increase emotional Intelligence/ awareness of body and feelings, work on a specific issue in your personal or professional life, increase understanding or change patterns or beliefs that are no longer helpful, increase self-acceptance, self-care, self-esteem, or reduce acute or chronic physical or emotional symptoms (insomnia, anxiety, depression etc...). Deal with relationship issues, separation, divorce; or the effects of trauma and abuse, Post traumatic stress grief and loss, illness, migration or other unexpected life changes. For Health-professionals: Supervision with specific issue/client/situation; Self-care and Wellbeing, to Increase awareness of bodily resources for self and clients. I am available for one-off or ongoing sessions to explore movement as a main approach, or in combination with talking therapy. Ongoing Therapy-in-Motion Group 2020 - See under Class Flyer
I am informed by my training and experience as a Psychotherapist (MHSc), and many years of practicing meditation, mindfulness and different forms of dance and movement. As a dancer and therapist, I am inspired by the ongoing discovery of Movement as medicine. My passion is in holding a creative space for individuals and groups, that welcomes Uniqueness, and stimulates a sense of Belonging.
Master of Health Science
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What I love about Open Floor
I discovered Dance as an art-form in my early twenties in Austria, when I was still somewhat disconnected from my body. I was excited to find a way of expressing myself creatively, while connecting with my own body and Soul, and other people in the space. I am impressed by the connections we can make without talking, or knowing anything about each other, and have formed life-long friendships on the dancefloor. After 20 years of dancing 5 Rythms, I was ready to dive more deeply into a practice that integrates Dance with my vocation as a Psychotherapist. OPEN FLOOR is not just a fun and juicy practice, but offers an ever-deepening inquiry into who we are in Life, how we operate in relationship to Self and other, to Soul and Spirit. As a practice, Open Floor offers resources for us to increase our capacities, and to create new choices and possibilities in our daily lifes.
"To contribute to the WELLBEING of individuals, groups, communities and therefore our humanity by offering embodied practices and therapies that strengthen our capacity to re-source, re-member, and re-connect a sense of Belonging".
"Inspired by Ingrid Rose Nagl and what I learnt from her...
I found and experienced my own sense of transparency, sensuality and authority - Which have all been parts of me that I have feared!
I allowed myself to dance with them and realised they are essential components of me, and I cannot be in this world without them..." (Lysa)

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