Hester Phillips
Phone Number
Open Floor Teacher Level
Qualified Teacher
Sunday Morning DANCE
SUNDAYS 10:45am–12:45pm
Hampden St School Hall
Ngatiawa St, Nelson South
Public Class
$15.00 Unwaged / $20.00 Waged.
Occasional Friday nights throughout the year (see www.hester.nz for dates)
$20 (unwaged) / $25 (waged) .
Workshop Flyer
My deepest self speaks through movement, dance is my native tongue.”

Hester is dedicated to liberating the creative spirit in others and is passionate about how creativity and most especially dance can support and empower people and communities.

Hester holds a Master of Arts in Art Therapy and is a professional Arts Therapist. Hester has a busy private practice where she specialises in working with clients living with Trauma using a wide range of embodied practices evolving from the field of Somatic Psychology. Hester is an accredited Open Floor movement meditation teacher and co-founder and director of Conscious Dance Aotearoa. Since 2005, she has facilitated regular conscious dance classes and workshops. Hester has a passion for Social Justice and has an enduring interest in how collective spaces facilitate or not personal liberation. Hester holds a degree in Political Science and facilitates Conscious Dance spaces that embody the liberation she longs to see in the wider world. Hester is a mother and in her spare time she likes to DJ.
BA, MA - Arts Therapy, ANZACATA
Professional Memberships
Australia, New Zealand and Asia Creative Arts Therapies Association, Full Professional Member
What I love about Open Floor
When I dance I remember to move with ALL of it and to let ALL of it move me. I can let it all be there, nothing is left out. And when I let it all move me and move with all of it, I find I become both the center of it ALL and also a step back from it. In this place I remember who I am and who I am not and I feel all those who love me draw close. They are there cheering me on saying 'Yes, yes, yes - there you are... And so I dance for them to. For me Open Floor is about learning how to dance my own dance. The one only I can do, the one others need me to do, yeah that DANCE.
Hester is dedicated to liberating the creative spirit in people and communities. She works sensitively and with skill to bring forth the innate capacity of creative expression to support people to gently explore their inner and outer worlds. Hester's intent is to support others to experience joy, deepen their relationship with self and soul and nurture positive change. Hester's classes support participants to realise their unique potentials and live healthy fulfilling lives.
I recently attended two of Hester's Open Floor events in Nelson whilst i was staying there. These dances were some of the most powerful of my life. Hester is a masterful facilitator. She creates a solid, safe and loving space for you dive deeply into your being. Her playlists are seemless and powerful. Thank you so much Hester, can't wait to dance with you again somewhere on this planet! - Elena

What a treat. After years of wanting to be in the right place at the right time for an open floor (or 5 rhythms) dance opportunity, I found myself in Hester's delicious Sunday morning world in Nelson. I'm a visitor to Nelson from the deep south, and sadly, here for only one Sunday open floor encounter with Hester and the generous, safe, courageous, loving community she leads. Sweetness abound, I fought my fear and feelings to run, and leant into the invitations Hester's guidance offered. There are no rules, no demands on for ability, style or pace. I bravely trusted in Hester's knowing and allowed the collective love to hold me. Thank you all for the opportunity to connect. My favourite thing in Nelson! - Lisa B.

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