Geordie Jahner
Coromandel, New Zealand
Also teaching in Auckland, Maui and Internationally.
Open Floor Teacher Level
Founding Member
Dance w/Geordie online - Zoom
Saturdays 11-12:15am (NZT)
starting May 9, 16, 23, 30, 2020
Sliding scale: $15-$10 (NZD)

= Saturdays 9am in Australia
= Fridays 1pm on Maui
= Fridays 4pm West Coast USA

Rewiring for Freedom
Geordie Jahner, Ph.D.
with an Ongoing Committed Group
Full details here >>

An Open Floor Art in Motion programme combining:
Movement and Dance
Creative Writing

Mod 1: Oct 16-21, 2019 (5 days @ Mana)
Mod 2: Dec 6-10, 2019 (4 days @ Mana)
Mod 3: May 13-18, 2020 (5 days @ Mana)
Mod 4: Sept 23-28, 2020 (5 days @ Mana)
Mod 5: Nov 6-8, 2020 (2.5 days @ Titirangi, Auckland)
Mod 6: Dec 11-17, 2020 (6 days @ Mana)

The hours will count towards prerequisites and elective study for Open Floor teacher training.
Workshop Flyer
Workshop Flyer
Growing up in the midst a wonderfully large family in New Zealand, dance and music were my saviors, my loves, my way to discover and express a true sense of myself. The magic and beauty of dance continued as a strong resource throughout my life and deeply informed the unfolding of my life’s path. Woven intricately into a parallel track of extensive academic study in psychology (BS, MA, Ph.D.), these two evolving threads of dance and psychology led me into myriad explorations of firstly, dance as a performing art, to dance as a healing art, and dance as spiritual practice.

It is my great joy to continually discover the art of teaching well, a seemingly never-ending adventure that challenges, satisfies, and grows me like nothing else. I feel blessed to have been inspired by many great teachers throughout my career, and so grateful to be able to share my passions as my profession over so many years. I’ve been teaching dance and conscious movement in some form or other for over 35 years. Long may it continue! I’m holding one of my teachers, Anna Halprin, as my role model – still actively teaching in her 90’s!

At this point in my life (69 yrs), I am passionate about training others to become good teachers of this work, as well as sharing explorations of dance as spiritual practice. My current inquiry centers around questions such as: How do we use our dance practice to open doorways into an embodied experience of pure Presence, pure Awareness? How can our dance help us tap into and rest into that sense of something greater that holds us all – to cultivate a sense of grace, ease and resilience in our lives? How can our practice help us become more resourced and skillful as we dance fluidly back and forth along this human continuum from embodied ego, to witness, to aware self, to pure awareness.How can we bring more mindfulness, compassion and kindness to this dance between our humanity and our divinity.
B.Sc Psychology, MA Psychology, Ph.D. Psychology (Movement Based Expressive Arts Therapy), 5Rhythms teacher, Authentic Movement, Halprin Life/Art Practitioner, Open Floor Founding Member, Open Floor teacher & trainer
Professional Memberships
What I love about Open Floor
Dancing makes me feel good on every possible level. I love the way it helps me arrive into the present moment; frees up my physical body, release tension, unwind stuck places; move any emotional energy that may be present; free my mind from repetitive thoughts or stories; and touch Source. I love the community/social aspect of it as well. It is such an ancient practice for humans to come together and dance to inspiring music - to commune with ourselves, each other and our gods. That we dance in community feels significant - different from dancing alone in my living room. I love dropping into the 'flow state'.
That all corners of New Zealand have places for people to dance and great teachers to guide the journeys of others.

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