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Open Floor NZ is a satellite of Open Floor International which is a creative collaboration of seasoned movement teachers from all corners of the planet. 

Most of us grew up on the dance floor with Gabrielle Roth and consider her one of our most honoured teachers.  We have also studied with many other brilliant pioneers of movement, meditation, body psychotherapy and healing arts – and been deeply informed by their radical, grounded wisdom.

Now, as new “elders” in the field ourselves, we are joining together to share what we have learned.  Our inquiry has been simple:

  • Why have dance practices exploded around the world in the past decade? 
  • How and why do people heal through movement, no matter what the practice?
  • What are the healthy human hungers that are expressed and met in the simple act of dancing – alone, in classes, in flash mobs, in community?
  • What are the core principles underlying all conscious movement disciplines?  What is our common ground? 
  • What is the common good being generated by this simple act of collective embodied self expression?

These ongoing creative conversations are at the center of Open Floor International.

Open Floor International Founding Members, Vic, Cathy, Lori and Andrea

The Founders of Open Floor International:
Vic Cooper, Kathy Altman, Lori Saltzman, Andrea Juhan, Ph.D

Founding Members:
Sue Rickards – London, England
Geordie Jahner, Ph.D. –  New Zealand  
Deborah Jay-Lewin – Findhorn, Scotland
Tim Stephenson – Bali, Indonesia                            
Cynthia Kennedy – Olympia, Washington  
Rivi Diamond – Jerusalem, Israel
Irit Ziv-Ron – Tel Aviv, Israel
Lucie Nerot – Lyon, France              
Sarah Davies – London, England
Cathy Ryan – London, England
Nele Vandezande – Staden, Belgium    

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Workshops & Retreats

October 22-27, 2018
Ground Floor Lab
w/Geordie Jahner Ph.D.
& Liat Lev-Sokal

more info >>

Dec 7-9, 2018
Movement & Stillness:
Resting in Being
Open Floor Retreat
w/Geordie Jahner, Ph.D.
Mana Retreat Centre,
Coromandel, NZ

more info >>

Mar 1-3, 2019
Soul Food:
Dancing our Wild Hungers
Open Floor Weekend
w/Geordie Jahner, Ph.D.
Perth, AU

more info >>

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