Art Murmur: UnMasking

An Art in Motion workshop with Open Floor Founders Lori Saltzman and Jenny Macke

January 31, 2020 6:30 pm - February 6, 2020 2:00 pm Titirangi War Memorial Hall, Titirangi, Auckland

To unmask is to reveal the stories we hide, and the ones we always tell until they become our presentation to the world.

UnMasking is for anyone who believes they are not an artist, and everyone who knows they are. Together we’ll ride the untamed river of our creative juices and let its wild current carry us. We’ll dance outside the box, draw outside the lines, pursue imperfection, and listen to the whisper of poetic words.

We’ll dance with abandon, take dictation from our bodies, make colourful messes and marvel at the art taking shape in and through our hands.

Stop waiting for a creative moment and realise that you are one. Remember, it doesn’t matter how badly you dance, sing, scribble or paint, as long as you don’t do it badly like anyone else.

12 hours of Open Floor practice

PRICE: $775

Friday: 6.30pm – 9.30pm
Sat – Weds: 11am – 6pm
Weds evening plus 1 other evening session TBC
Thurs: 11am – 2pm

7th February, Fee: $125



Sacha Paddy
(+64) 021 046 7699

Professional Day For Teachers

Friday 7th February 12–5pm

Following Art Murmur we will hold a one day debrief for experienced movement teachers who want to include other artistic modalities in their existing practice.

We’ll reveal the hows and whys of integrating dance with writing, visual arts
and theatre basics.

This is an introduction to facilitating art-based exercises that access different levels of expression, vulnerability, spontaneity, creativity and awareness.

Requirements for Professional Day
Attendance at UnMasking
Currently teaching an embodied dance modality, or enrolment in the Open Floor teacher training.

Lori Saltzman

Far from thinking myself a dancer, at 26 I stumbled into a movement workshop. With the first beat of the drum my body said home! – and I never looked back. The dance floor has been my home, work, laboratory, meditation cushion, classroom, playground and community for 37 years, both as a teacher and eternal student.

Five years ago I co-founded Open Floor International, a collaboration of seasoned teachers who pooled decades of dance floor experience into one finely tuned curriculum. The last 4 years have been filled with travelling the world to train Open Floor teachers. I love to witness and support teachers to find their own embodied style and wisdom. When they feel the thrill of lighting up their communities through dance, I feel like I added a drop of goodness to our world.

Of the many things about Open Floor I find exciting, high on the list is our choice of Dynamic Governance as a model of operation. We’ve all trained in this methodology, learning to share power, make collective creative decisions, and run an international organization based on transparency. And we’ve learned to disagree, tell the truth, be respectful and get things done in the world. DG has given us embodied trust that we are stronger and more creative together than alone. It has been life-changing.

Besides 30 years as Gabrielle Roth’s collaborator and student, I’ve also worked as a corporate management consultant, women’s reproductive rights counsellor, writer, community clinic director, counselling trainer, sex education teacher, really terrible waitress, whitewater rafting guide, and pool hall manager.

My teaching influences include Pema Chodron, Adyashanti, Faith Boyarin, Hal and Sidra Stone, Chris Price, Mooji, my beloved Kathy Altman, and my Bengali tea boy son, Daniel.

with Jenny Macke

Jenny is one of our original Open Floor teachers – and has worked alongside Kathy & Lori for many years in a wide range of capacities. She is a seasoned teacher (with 20 years teaching experience) who tends her large conscious dance community in Bellingham, Washington. The seeds of her work are deeply based in the land, dreamwork and creativity. For the past five years she was a member of the Curriculum Circle and is currently taking a lead in the development of Art in Motion programme.

Kathy Altman

Kathy, unfortunately, will not be able to teach on this workshop as she is unwell. In her place, Jenny Macke will be teaching.

Kathy is the co-founder of Open Floor International, an organization that promotes conscious dance as a form of well being, community building, peace-making and creativity.

She has danced her whole life but moving without choreography imposed from the outside is the skill she relies on most.

Kathy has taught dance to thousands of people on many continents for over 40 years. She sees that habits we resort to on the dance floor are similar to what we do off the dance floor.

Noticing and modifying our thoughts and beliefs, finding authentic expression for our needs and emotions and building tolerance for our differences with others are key elements to health and wellness. These are the tenets of her work.

Kathy now trains others to teach embodied movement and moving meditation. Her work is open source, registered on the creative commons and governed by a process called Dynamic Governance. Equivalency, efficiency and transparency are its trademarks.



Event Information

January 31, 2020 6:30 pm - February 6, 2020 2:00 pm Titirangi War Memorial Hall, Titirangi, Auckland
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Jenny Macke

Jenny Macke

Working Member, Teacher – Art in Motion

Lori Saltzman

Founder of Open Floor International


Titirangi War Memorial Hall, Titirangi, Auckland

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