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Core Connexion on the Open Floor

Take refuge in the dance, giving your mind a rest and your soul a space to soar. Just dance!

Core Connexion on the Open Floor : Open Floor with Ingrid Kölle
TUESDAYS 5–6:30pm (NZ time)
Online via Zoom

This is an online version of our regular Tuesday evening class – adjusted for the zoom experience.
“Move and Include” is our mantra: whatever you come with on the day, at each moment, I invite you to move with it and through it. Practice “radical self-care”: only take on what works for you. I offer guidance to direct your attention inwards, activities or images for you to play with, opportunities to connect with others on screen, and a variety of styles and rhythms of music to dance to. A poem might present a theme for the session. You’re free to dance with an eye on the screen or your back to it. It’s YOUR time to unwind, to connect with yourself and others, with the joy that movement can bring. Curiosity and compassion will help you on the way.

Payment: Koha

Class Time:
Zoom room is open from 4:50pm for you to check your zoom settings, settle and arrive in your body

See Ingrid’s Page for further information.
FB: @Core Connexion on the Open Floor NZ

Before going to class please contact the teacher to confirm class dates and times

Class Information

 Online via Zoom
 Number of Week25
 Open: March 16, 2020
 Next: June 9, 2020
 5:00 pm - 6:30 pm
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