Art In Motion with Kaia Hawkins

Art in Motion

Art in Motion sessions, using all methods of creativity to explore life.

ART IN MOTION : Open Floor with Kaia Hawkins
MONDAYS 6:45–9pm (NZ time)
Online via Zoom

Creativity is not a fixed term, it is fluid, it is the shape shifter, it is the mysterious and the muse, it moves with us…
Each Monday night I will weave a landscape of movement, creativity and music into your dance space.

You will be come the mark maker, the melody and the beat.

15-20$ please know that no one is turned away if money is an obstacle at this time, please let me know.
You will be sent payment details when you register.

Class Time:
6:45pm I open the room, come early to settle into your space and mine.
We start all together at 7pm.

Click here for more information and to register for classes.
See Kaia’s Page for further information.
FB: @openfloorwithkaiakindness

Before going to class please contact the teacher to confirm class dates and times


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Class Information

 Online via Zoom
 Open: May 4, 2020
 6:45 pm - 9:00 pm
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